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Monday, August 04, 2008

Building a good or healthy self esteem at a young age

As self esteem is a feeling of beliefs in own self of achieving our goal to success. Building a good or healthy self esteem at a young age is advantage to the child towards the road to success. Kids with as a strong self esteem also turns up to be the best student in the school and even has the respect of their class mate and their teacher. Kids with high self esteem always looks cheerful and have easily time in handing school works and resisting to negative pressure.

When your kids started to grows up as a parents one should guild and teach the child the important role of promoting a good self esteem. As success always start with failure. If you find that you are defeat in first place and dare not to challenge again. You will never be success in many thing as you will have the negative thought in you to try again. As a parents one should tell the kids to try again and give the child the confidence and support to go for it. Kids with low self-esteem may not want to try new things and always scare of loosing or defeat.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Change Low self esteem into high self esteem

People with low self esteem always depends on others to give decision and could not decided by them self on a simple things and has a low image and negative thinking of themselves.People with low self esteem always scare to get help from friends or someone close to them because they are scare they will turn him down. This people mostly content in what they have and dare not accept promotion or decision making. People with high self esteem are people who had positive thinking and always do things for people to respect them. This people always make decision about their jobs or works and always high aim.

Since our self esteem is parts on how others people respect us in the past and the present and how we begin to treat ourself as a worthwhile person, Start to challenge your past negative experience and change it to positive one. Ask people for help if you thing you need help. In order to have a high self esteem we must do things for people that can easily be notice with appreciation and respect. Always remind yourself of your strengths and achievements and see your failure. The way one to see to that is to make a list of the things you do. Change the failure into success and success into greater success.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A self esteem is a internal power inside us

Most people who have low self esteem always has a negative self image. They always fear or scare or failure in doing a things. Before a thing could be done their is always a feeling of losing. This people are always contented to what they are and have no room of improvement or upgrading. To change our self image we must had a positive thing for people to respect and gain trust. To change our self esteem from low-esteem to high self esteem we must change our awareness. A self esteem is a internal power inside us to be the best and a sense of confidence. People who have high self esteem are the person who are holding top position or leaders.

In order to improved our self esteem we must set ourself a goal in which we believe we can reach our destination goals that we planned for. To be honest to our self. Analyze all of the negatives things and to put them into perspective. Created high expectation in ourself. Think about the goods things and all the good qualities in you and change all the bad ones.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sexually abused children may have low self esteem

Children who are sexually abused may have low self esteem whem they grows up and are usually conflict with themselves if the rapist is someone who is known to them ,like a family member. The sad fact is that children everywhere and anywhere are vulnerable to sexual abuse. The number of reported sexual abuse among children is growing in Malaysia.

However most sexual abuse cases happen in their homes and perpetrated by those entrusted with the child's well being. Most of the times the cases went unreported as people tent to keep silent about their children in close doors. The effects of abuse vary from one victim to another. Most children are left behind again after sometimes because their had to works and was left alone to rcalled the past. Service center of this types to help children of sexual abuse are not much in this country. If mose center would this, be build to help this children and help them to build their self-esteem.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Good and bad self-esteem

Good Self- esteem always started from our childhood time. The enviroment where we are staying and most of the credits of good self-esteem comes from the parents, how the parents brought the children up. You are having a good self-esteem you will be respected by all your friends, even the teacher in school. Low self-esteem always mostly comes from poor family where their parents has no time to guild them and the enviroment their are staying are crowded.

Inorder to have a good self-esteem we must respect others and elder people so that they can respect us. Good in study and sports and school ativities. For low self-esteem they are always yell or beaten by their teacher. Always tried to find trouble with your school.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Having high self esteem is to respect and be respected

People who have high self esteem are always respected by most people in your community or in your work place. I had a friend whom everyone in our working place respect him even our boss and all the senoirs and the superiors staff not because he is very smart but of the ways of his dressing. his body fixtures and face, his taking and his respect and helpful to others people.

To gain respect is to respect others people wheather they are from poor or rich family. The ways you talk to others and most important is your dressing and of your high self esteem. He was our union leaders and all of us respect his dicision making. He has no problem with the company excutives and the boss and always the negotiation are very fair to both side. He was later promoted to a executive in our company and then a manager in others big firm. He join a political party and at the age of fifty became an assamble man in my community.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A good self esteem, a respect by others

A good self esteem is very important to oneself as its gives confident and the power to believed and respects one own self. To be a good leaders and respects by others. To gain self esteem you had to work hard for if for people to respect you and love you as you cannot buy respects.

Having a good self esteem its help you to hold your head high and a power to decision making and also gives you courage to try new things. Teach you kids to build their self esteem and when the kids gets older, they can have a bigger role in developing their self-esteem. Achievements - like getting a good grade on a test or making the All-Star soccer team - are things kids can be proud of. So are having a good sense of humor or being a good friend.