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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


My name is Izak Matatya, and roulette is my passion. If you’re determined to beat the odds and make money at this game, I can show you how. I know you’re sceptic, but let me tell you how I was able to perfect my no-fail, winning roulette strategies.

I am a mathematician, a philosopher, and a gambler. I have been playing the game of roulette for most of my adult life, and over the years have tested every roulette system imaginable. Some of them were completely useless, others worked inconsistently. I found nothing I was totally happy with. So, during years of defeat and frustration, I learned what works and what does not work.

By trial and error I discovered that the best chance for success at the roulette table is by concentrating on the Columns and Dozens where the payoff is 2 to 1. Even-money wagers don’t hold as much promise for substantial profits and inside number bets are too risky.

First I developed a basic Dozens system, then I gradually worked out procedures for specific table conditions. My winning methods do not consist of one single system. I use a number of different approaches, depending on circumstances. I eventually perfected the right formula - casinos haven’t made any money off me since then. I did not develop these strategies for the purpose of selling them. They were meant strictly for my own use, so I could stop contributing to the casinos coffers.

It was my friend, Tony R Frank of Let’s Talk Winning, who suggested I reveal my winning methods in a manuscript, complete with graphs and charts, and make them available to other roulette players. Tony convinced me that others would want to profit from my knowledge. Since ending every roulette session with a profit is my ultimate goal, we call my methods Peak Profit Roulette

You will agree it's the perfect title, especially after you see how my methods combine with unique money-management techniques to produce those peak profits. Let me caution you however, this is not a quick-read, three-page report. You will receive a comprehensive 98-page 8½" x 11" book. Learning my methods takes a few hours, but it will be well worth your time and effort. I guarantee it!

Peak Profit Roulette is based on betting on Dozens only, giving you 2 for 1 payouts. The main idea is to bet on repeating Dozens. That means, if number 21 came up, you will bet on Dozen 2 on your next bet. If the next number is 36, you will bet on Dozen 3. The amounts of the bets will vary, according to decision patterns. By pattern I mean to bet according to a specific decision sequence. It's all explained in detail; you will know exactly what to do in every situation.

Much is written by mathematicians about there being no such thing as a winning gambling system. It's true, mathematically, there is no betting system that has beaten the casinos over very long runs. If one would play say 100,000 consecutive spins in Roulette (although I haven't seen anyone who has done so yet), the losses would equal the game’s fixed house percentage of 5.26% (on the American ‘00’ wheel). This is a mathematical fact.

Since I happen to be a mathematician as well as a gambler, I can tell you the gambler's approach is quite different from that of the mathematician’s. Knowing the mathematical realities, I provide graphic charts, showing the ups and downs. Those up and down waves cut the zero axis quite a few times. That means, the player will always have the opportunity to quit on the positive side whenever the graph exceeds the zero level.

The fundamental principle to winning with my systems is quite simple. For every session, I set my profit limit to say $1,000 and my losses to half the amount, that is to $500. Having fixed my profit and loss limits, if I play 10 sessions over a period of a few days, in the worst case I would be losing 6 sessions and winning 4 sessions. So my profit would be $1,000 X 4 = $4,000 and my losses would be $500 X 6 = $3,000, still ending up with a profit of $1000. In good times, I would win 8 sessions and lose two sessions out of 10. That would give me ($1,000 X 8) - ($500 X 2), or $8,000 minus $1,000 equals $7,000 profit!

The astute gambler’s approach adds quite a twist to the mathematician's calculations. Mathematics do not take into account a strong determination to win, confidence, a positive attitude, and most important, self-discipline. With all this, you can't lose, no matter what the mathematicians say. I know this from years of experience, and I prove it by the results I get.

I invite you to order the Peak Profit Roulette book now. The low price of $169 is a negligible amount, when you consider all the money you are not going to lose to the casinos any longer. The book is packed with 92 pages of information. This large document is now available by email for $169 only. If you would like it to be mailed to you, add $10 for first-class postage and handling.

Join me, and you’ll be a winning roulette player for life!

by Izak Matatya


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