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Saturday, July 01, 2006

self esteem : Building Children's Self-Esteem

There are many reasons why the development of a child’s self-esteem may be hindered. They range from very real problems, such as physical handicaps, to less clear issues, such as emotional problems stemming from parental divorce. Despite the particular difficulties that children may encounter, their self-esteem can grow and flourish – with the right support. Unfortunately, there are many potentially negative results when children do not develop healthy self-esteem. Possible outcomes range from general unhappiness to deep depression, to dropping out of school, to robbery and even to violence. Building children’s self-esteem does not require special materials or complicated techniques. Rather, parents and teachers can rely on sensitivity and basic communication skills to understand and help children believe that they are competent and valued. The information presented in this publication explains how adults can influence the growth of a healthy self-image in children.

by Amy R. Vigilante, Ph.D


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