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Sunday, October 08, 2006

develop high self-esteem

It is pretty hard to develop self-esteem when you are working on a job that doesn’t allow you to be exactly who you were meant to be.
If you do not have high self esteem . You can’t possibly feel good about yourself and what happens is, you start questioning your abilities. You start wondering about yourself and I not good enough or smart enough. When others who seem to be doing well and having success while you are still the same because you can't make up yourself what your abilities is and what you want to achive.

Lack passion for the job or career that you find yourself in, you will find that often times, you won’t be excited about it. Your lack of enthusiasm will cause your work to not be up to par. It has nothing to do with your abilities. You can’t be all that great at something if you are constantly watching the clock; waiting for your break or for the day to end because you are simply tired of being there.

In order to develop high self-esteem, you must start with being conscious of your self-talk—the things you say to and about yourself. Always talk, do and think positive. Forget all about the negative, cause you will never develop high self- esteem with all the negative in your minds.



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