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Saturday, July 01, 2006

self esteem : Make Real And Lasting Improvements To Your Self Esteem.

With The Complete Self Esteem Workbook you can now break free from low self esteem once and for all and start really living your life.

This workbook has been carefully designed to show you how to quickly and permanently improve your self esteem.

Written in plane English it is very easy to follow with step-by-step instructions and highly effective exercises that will keep you moving forwards and making fast and lasting improvements to your self esteem.

YES, it is possible.

First we'll talk about the cause of low self esteem…..those fixed and negative frames of mind which actually lie at the root of ALL low self esteem.

Then we'll discuss how to break through those fixed frames of mind and free yourself from the negative effects of low self esteem once and for all.

After that you'll start a 7 step personal journey of self discovery which will allow you to break free from the negative fixed frames of mind which are the cause of your own low self esteem.

This step-by-step approach will soon bring you personal realizations which will permanently end low self esteem issues in your life for good.

It’s like having a personal counsellor in your own home, helping you to totally eradicate the problems of low self esteem from your life.

Many people who suffer with Low Self Esteem experience one or more of the following:

Feel Anxious in certain situations.

Boast to cover up real feelings of inadequacy.

Fear new experiences and avoid them.

Too eager to please others.

Have poor eye contact.

Lack energy.

Very sensitive to criticism.

Make negative “I am” statements.


Hide your true feelings.

Can be aggressive.

Don't recognize own good qualities.

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