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Monday, July 31, 2006

self esteem : Rich Jerk, Poor Jerk

My apologies to Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" for my variance on the title of his book. Rich Dad, Poor Dad offers a lot of information to readers about how one should go about setting up a wealth base.

Recently there has been a lot of negative marketing designed to abuse people by making them feel inadequate. Comments such as "I'm rich and you're not" and "I just bought two cars and a yacht, did you?" and the classic "I'm better than you" are all designed to get attention. In my opinion, that sounds like the sort of thing you might hear in a kindergarten playground.

Since when has having lots of money been the determining factor of being superior? Saddam Hussein had lots of money, so did Adolf Hitler. Idi Amin had a big Swiss bank account. Lots of disgusting people have plenty of money.

If the so-called self proclaimed "Rich Jerk" is so superior why does he have to stoop to this sort of marketing to make a quick buck?

I'll tell you why - because it's getting harder and harder to be unique and stand out from the crowd. As soon as somebody gets a new idea everybody else wants to copy it. Well I sure do hope the imitators stay away from this gimmick.

Predictably, the affiliate marketing brigade is already climbing all over it like the Ebola virus in their quest to get a piece of the action. Some of them even "cluck, cluck" over the tactics then sprout something like how wonderful the content is. Really!

I first saw this technique, dubbed "anti-marketing," a few months ago when I visited a well-known marketer's web page. This guy's name is very recognizable. He was well respected - once. But I fear he is going down a path of self-destruction by doing what he is doing.

His website, a thoroughly boring looking thing, contained several dozen envelopes that you had to click on to read the letters inside. After reading several of these so-called "sales letters" I just clicked away from the site, disgusted. Each letter was crammed with rude, abusive, offensive, obnoxious slurs. If this is where the latest marketing trend is headed then there will be a lot of people who will simply not put up with it.

Shock tactics like this will not last. They might have a short time in the sun but the amusement value will soon wane. You cannot treat people in such a derisory manner and expect to stay on top of the game. Reputations will be lost over this. I guess that's why some people who are doing it hide behind pseudonyms. But hey, this is the internet - word soon gets out about true identities.

The sooner this fad dies an early death the better. I'm reminded of a saying by Lobsang Rampa: "I'd rather be a small shrimp in the sea of faith than a dead whale on the beach."

Next time you see marketing containing these negative hallmarks do yourself a favor. Do what I do, click away.

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