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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Building high self esteem in yourself

In life every person has a self esteem, Some have low self esteem and some have high self esteem. People with high self esteem are always respect by others and most are from happy family. Building your self esteem is within yourself, the people you mixed, the things you done and build. The respect you had on people and people had on you.

A high self esteem allows you to be leader rather than a follower. A decision making rather than a lisener, the value in yourself and treat yourself with high respect. Discipline your ownself with the right talks and minds. Praise yourself if you done a good jobs and also to praise others if a good jobs is well done. Think and focus on positive than negative. Excerises given more than reciving.

Building high self esteem is not a easy jobs as you need times, patient and a positive thinking. Forget the words failure in the dictionary and always focus your minds on w.w.w.- win,win,win attitude.



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