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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

self esteem : A Wish List From Mom To Dad

Here is just a little wish list I put together for you. First, I feel I should tell you that I greatly appreciate all that you do for me and our family. Feel free to grant any or all of my wishes time permitting. They can be fulfilled in any order. I will gladly accept them on any given day. No need to wait for a special occasion or holiday to grant any of the following:

A thorough house cleaning preferably when the house is dirty. I will gladly show you where the cleaning supplies are kept and will provide a detailed list for you if needed.

A night out. Just about any activity will do. This would include everything from a simple picnic to a night on the town. Oh, I almost forgot, no kids. So you will need to arrange for a sitter.

A few diaper changes. For the baby of course, I'm past that stage. If you really want to impress me, you can change a few of the pooh pooh ones. That would be great!

An occasional morning to catch up on my beauty sleep. So I can remain the beautiful woman you adore. This can be arranged around your days off of work.

A night free of dinner duty and clean up. I trust you, so anything you decide to prepare will do just fine. I know you wouldn't even consider serving me a TV dinner. And don't worry about getting dish pan hands from the clean up. I use a wonderful dish soap that will moisturize your hands while doing dishes.

A couple of late night feedings would be nice. Not for me, I'm watching my weight. But, the baby is known to wake up a time or two hungry for a late night snack.

A bedtime round up. This would consist of rounding up all the munchkins and getting them tucked in their beds. Really its good exercise. All the repeated trips to the restroom and the kitchen for last minute drinks.

A thank-you for a job well done. It really boosts my self esteem and shows me how much you appreciate all that I do.

Now this was just a small list. Feel free to add anything to it or repeat any of my wishes. I will accept most graciously.

by Tammy Pinarbasi


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