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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

self esteem : Acne - How It Can Really Damage Your Self Esteem

Acne, or pimples, is a really bad skin condition that effects an individual's self esteem. It is not widely known that there are solutions available to treat the skin and get rid of those red dots. As well as that, people have false beliefs about it as well. Many think it will just go away one day. Yet sadly for many individuals, it can turn out to be a lifelong condition.

Just Exactly What Is It?

The skin on your facial area gets infected and the result is pimples forming. What happens is that bacteria enters through the pores of your skin. As the skin produces too much oil the bacteria have a nice warm and moist area in which to multiply. If the skin is not being exfoliated regularly, then dead skin cells become trapped and provide nutrition for the bacteria to feed on. As the skin reacts trying to get rid of the bacteria, pimples are formed.

Common Myths About Acne

Many myths surround what causes pimples to form. Foods like chocolate and greasy French fries for example have been blamed for pimples occuring. However, these have no real part in developing pimples at all. What does happen though is that they harm your body's ability to heal the infections. Usually, eating foodstuffs like that does not result in a healthy balanced diet. Without a balanced diet your body's ability to fight infections is diminished.

Pimples can be treated effectively today, and that is the good news. However, you will need to take the steps necessary in order to do so. By making use of medications and a good skin care regimen your problem can be lessened and even cured completely.

The face is where the pimples commonly appear. This of course damages your self esteem. But by dealing with the problem your self esteem will increase as the pimples disappear. Most everyone will have an episode of pimples during their lifetime, with varying severity, and it has nothing at all to do with being unclean or dirty. You just need to aid your skin in dealing with the problem.

By Ben O'Rourke


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