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Monday, March 12, 2007

High and low self esteem people

For many people who have high self-esteem are people who are repected and trust by other peoples. Building your self esteem is how you would estimate in yourself, the important, the value and the look in your yourself. To have self esteem you have to have a positive attitude and high thinking in yourself. Must have the confident in whatever you do in yourself. Value and the liking in yourself. Able to take critise from other people and independent taking the views of others and also trusting in your own judgement. Self-Esteem is important in knowing what you can do, be proud of yourself and hold your head up high, it gives you courage to try new things and to believe and respect yourself.

Suffering from low self-esteem people are people who will struggle to associate in themself, lack self assurance and self respect. There will not think highly of themself and only knows how to criticize themself or other people. Having low self-esteem is you always look down on yourself and thinking that you are not important or useless. People with low self esteem are people who are always satifies in their jobs and no hoping for a promotion.



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