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Thursday, July 13, 2006

self esteem : Moods , Happiness and Self Esteem

A mood swing is a very important factor in decision-making and daily living.

Your state of mind is determined by your moods. In a positive state you are happy and enjoy the moment. Negative moods lead to misguided decisions, unhappiness and low self esteem.

Negative thoughts only have power if you allow them to.

They are natural

Don't make a mistake I've made, don't try to control your thinking, control your reaction to thoughts.

Feeling low you are under pressure and time is running short, you panic. Everything looks serious.

If you find yourself thinking like this, remember when everything seemed OK - Your life has not suddenly changed your attitude has.

A mood can change your attitude and influence decision-making decide when you are feeling good.


Moods dictate how you see and react with the world. They colour your perceptions and emotions warn you whether you are in a high mood and open to positive influence or whether you are in a low mood and thinking in your habitual way.

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The Present:

What's wrong with thinking of the past?

If you feel unhappy think where is your mind? I guarantee you will be in the past or thinking about the future.

Does a child think about yesterday or tomorrow?

How many opportunities have you missed by worrying what will happen in the future or by what happened in the past? Stop worrying and allow yourself to feel joy. visit personal mental health for more


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