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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Study found student from broken homes had low self- esteem

In the latest UKM study and interviewed of female student found that 887 student except one admitted to have sex according to a universiti kebangsaan Malaysya study.The study also showed that aparts from sex, most of the respondents took drugs, were involved in pornography, secret societies, vandaldalism and truancy.

It is sad and stocking to find all except one of the respondents admitted to having experience sex. This is painful finding but it is a reality that we have to accept. From the study, the state government aims to formulate a special training module to promote hogh moral values among girls.

The study also find that the female students aged between 15 and 16, were at a high risk of being involve in various discipline problems, including those related to sex. The problems commited by these students were due to external pressure like coming from broken homes. Most of the students were poor in their academic achievements, communication skills and had low self esteem, self control as well as problem solving capabilities.



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