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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Having high self esteem is to respect and be respected

People who have high self esteem are always respected by most people in your community or in your work place. I had a friend whom everyone in our working place respect him even our boss and all the senoirs and the superiors staff not because he is very smart but of the ways of his dressing. his body fixtures and face, his taking and his respect and helpful to others people.

To gain respect is to respect others people wheather they are from poor or rich family. The ways you talk to others and most important is your dressing and of your high self esteem. He was our union leaders and all of us respect his dicision making. He has no problem with the company excutives and the boss and always the negotiation are very fair to both side. He was later promoted to a executive in our company and then a manager in others big firm. He join a political party and at the age of fifty became an assamble man in my community.



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