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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sexually abused children may have low self esteem

Children who are sexually abused may have low self esteem whem they grows up and are usually conflict with themselves if the rapist is someone who is known to them ,like a family member. The sad fact is that children everywhere and anywhere are vulnerable to sexual abuse. The number of reported sexual abuse among children is growing in Malaysia.

However most sexual abuse cases happen in their homes and perpetrated by those entrusted with the child's well being. Most of the times the cases went unreported as people tent to keep silent about their children in close doors. The effects of abuse vary from one victim to another. Most children are left behind again after sometimes because their had to works and was left alone to rcalled the past. Service center of this types to help children of sexual abuse are not much in this country. If mose center would this, be build to help this children and help them to build their self-esteem.



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