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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A self esteem is a internal power inside us

Most people who have low self esteem always has a negative self image. They always fear or scare or failure in doing a things. Before a thing could be done their is always a feeling of losing. This people are always contented to what they are and have no room of improvement or upgrading. To change our self image we must had a positive thing for people to respect and gain trust. To change our self esteem from low-esteem to high self esteem we must change our awareness. A self esteem is a internal power inside us to be the best and a sense of confidence. People who have high self esteem are the person who are holding top position or leaders.

In order to improved our self esteem we must set ourself a goal in which we believe we can reach our destination goals that we planned for. To be honest to our self. Analyze all of the negatives things and to put them into perspective. Created high expectation in ourself. Think about the goods things and all the good qualities in you and change all the bad ones.



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