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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Change Low self esteem into high self esteem

People with low self esteem always depends on others to give decision and could not decided by them self on a simple things and has a low image and negative thinking of themselves.People with low self esteem always scare to get help from friends or someone close to them because they are scare they will turn him down. This people mostly content in what they have and dare not accept promotion or decision making. People with high self esteem are people who had positive thinking and always do things for people to respect them. This people always make decision about their jobs or works and always high aim.

Since our self esteem is parts on how others people respect us in the past and the present and how we begin to treat ourself as a worthwhile person, Start to challenge your past negative experience and change it to positive one. Ask people for help if you thing you need help. In order to have a high self esteem we must do things for people that can easily be notice with appreciation and respect. Always remind yourself of your strengths and achievements and see your failure. The way one to see to that is to make a list of the things you do. Change the failure into success and success into greater success.



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